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The best step to protect your pet

Here at Inna Veterinary Acupuncture and Mobile Medical Services, I consider preventative care to be an important part of my relationship with a pet and their owner. Whether your pet is healthy and needs a comprehensive annual examination or I’m providing illness consultations for those animals suffering from a chronic disease, I know that proactive care can play in your pet’s overall well-being.

When it comes to proactive veterinary approach, good nutrition, good oral hygiene, annual check ups including blood work, exercise and vaccines are the most effective steps you can take to protect your pet. I work together with pet parents to create a vaccination schedule that works with your pet’s lifestyle and environment. InnaVet also offers diagnostics such as fecal exams, non-invasive blood pressure monitoring, cytology and needle biopsy, blood allergy testing, urinalysis and heartworm tests, as well as blood screening tests collaborating with an outside laboratory with results within 24-48 hours.

To ensure your pet’s safety by your side for years to come, I provide microchipping services for dogs and cats with HomeAgain pet recovery and identification system. My mobile practice provides pet medication or prescription diet home delivery and compounding pharmacy services by partnering with Vets First Choice, Golden Gate Pharmacy and San Mateo Neighborhood Pharmacy.

Wound care and bandaging could also be done right in the comfort of your own home. Older pets that are prone to falling or accidents can especially benefit from in-home veterinary care. For those interested in pursuing non-pharmaceutical pain medication I also offer Assisi Loop pain management therapy. Learn more about the Assisi Loop here. The loop can be rented during a veterinary house call visit (please indicate your interest in advance to ensure availability).

High Blood Pressure

In human medicine, high blood pressure is called the silent killer and therefore it is evaluated as part of a routine check up during office visits. Similarly in pets, high blood pressure is identified by screening with a non-invasive device called a Doppler blood pressure monitor, which can be done in a home setting. Chronic renal failure, glomerular disease, feline hypertension, diabetes mellitus and Cushing's disease are among the more common illnesses leading to hypertension. If a pet has one of the above conditions, it is important to monitor their blood pressure. High blood pressure can easily be overlooked in pets, especially senior dogs and cats, and could lead to sudden blindness, further progression of renal disease and embolism (the formation of tiny blood clots that form when blood flow is abnormal).

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